Add Audio and Video to your Website

Why Add Audio and Video to Your Website?
If you're a musician and you have music CD's you're trying to sell--do you think someone will purchase your CD without first hearing samples of the songs? Wouldn't it be nice to offer them sound samples of all your songs? This will give your potential buyer more confidence in your work and help you sell your product--remember, you created those songs for people to hear! Plus, integrating sound and movie files will make your site so professional!

Here are other ways you may want to integrate audio and video: including an informative movie about your product, introducing yourself to your visitors welcoming them with a personal message (either audio or video would work here), creating a narrative as they browse from page to page of your site...the ideas are endless! The more creative you are, the more your visitors will remember your site. Streamed media will give your web site a terrific, personal touch.

Streaming Audio and Video vs. Downloading
There are many advantages to streaming media versus downloading it. Since streamed media files are compressed, they'll use up less web disk space, therefore allowing you to purchase a smaller amount of disk space. These files can quickly eat away space, so it's helpful to compress them.

When selling your product or idea, it's important to get your message across quickly so that your audience doesn't lose interest. If your visitor becomes impatient they will simply move on to the next site--and remember there is always a competitor waiting to snatch up the visitor you've just lost! While downloading files takes quite a bit of time, streaming is typically faster. You must wait for a downloaded file to completely finish downloading before you're able to hear it. This isn't true, however, with streamed media. The file will play as it's being sent. This will help keep your visitor's attention and potentially turn your visitor into a buyer--a very important goal of your website!

Streaming Media Files
Adding sound in the form of sound samples or full length songs listeners have the option of playing is a splendid idea! It's not recommended, however, that you have a song or voice load automatically with your webpage unless it fades in gradually (giving the listener advance warning) or you provide them with a "stop" button so your visitor can easily turn the sound off if they please. The same concept is true for videos. Another good idea is to list the file size near the play button so your visitor knows the size before they hit the play button.

So you're probably asking yourself, how do I get streamed media into my own website?

Read the next section to find out how!

Learn how to add audio and video to your website! Sell your product or idea:
Add audio and video to your website
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