What is a great way to promote your product?
Creating your own website is a terrific, cost-effective way of marketing your product!

Create a User-friendly Website
1) Make navigating through your site clear and simple.

2) Make text easy to read. Use colors that don't strain the eyes and be sure to choose a font large enough so it can be read easily.

3) Include content-rich material so your visitors will want to return.

4) Promote your product by adding audio and video to your website.
Cost of Web Space
Inexpensive web space is now easy to find! Be sure to do your research and find web space that offers all of the features you will need.

In order to add audio and video to your website you'll need to make sure your web host has a media server available. If they don't, you have the option of streaming your media from another website. There are websites that allow you to purchase media server space only, in the event your website is already set up and all you need to do is add streamed media.

More Advanced Web Mastering
You can really impress your visitors by adding on-line forms and guest books. Forms may look more professional, while guest books may look more creative.

The first step in creating your form is to make sure you know if your web host offers any scripts. If they do be sure to use them. This can be a big asset to your website. One very important feature that a script can help you with is creating a confirmation page for your visitors. Once they have finished filling out your form and hit the "submit" key they can be redirected to a confirmation page telling them that their form has been submitted successfully, etc. This way they will know that the form has gone through, and they won't try to send it again or wonder if it even went through. Receiving duplicate forms will only clutter your e-mail.

Allowing visitors to stream audio and video from your website will not only impress them, but will also help them thoroughly understand the message of your website. Please follow the links below to learn more on this exciting topic!

Promote your product using streamed media

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and enhance your on-line marketing strategies click the link:
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