Streaming Media
Preparing for Streamed Media
Before media can be streamed, the files must be compressed into a format appropriate for streaming. Once the files have been compressed a metafile must be created to reference your file. Once your media files have been created, a code is inserted into your website referencing your media files so your listener can play the audio or video. Properly compressing the audio and video files may require purchasing software.
Now, let's hear and watch a sample of streamed audio and video (each about 30 seconds in length):

Click below to listen to a sample of streamed audio:
Lo Fi (378 kb) Hi Fi (758 kb)
Modem Cable

Click below to view a sample of streamed video
Lo Fi (472 kb) Hi Fi (2,378 kb)
In order to listen to or view the above samples, the appropriate media player must be installed on your computer. Free downloads are available. Please visit our free download page for more information.
Adding audio and video to your website can
quickly put you above many of your competitors,
leaving your audience with a lasting impression
and giving you a strong promotional edge!

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