Compose your very own masterpiece!

Write a music review of any of the artist's songs listed on their websites! Write a Review for the artists' songs listed on this page and following pages.

Thinking of a career in journalism?
Then you might like to prepare a write-up of one of our artist's songs! All Skygazer
Record's artists are listed on our information pages (click the link above to get there).

Write a Music Review--Three Simple Steps to completing your write-up!
1. Browse the artists on the website and choose one you'd like to write a review for.

2. Listen to the song in its entirety, from beginning to end. (Taking notes as you're
listening to it may also be a good idea!)

3. Finally, prepare your critique. Be sure to list the artist and song name at the
top of your article and e-mail it to's that easy!!

You can be as creative as you like, maybe...

Create your own unique rating system

Compare these Independent musicians to well-known ones and rate them
     against the well-known musicians

Compare Skygazer artists' songs to well-known songs...sounds like

Your first thought when you heard the song

Which song from the artist is most likely to become a Number 1 hit?

The best part of the song...

Create a checklist and rate each item then summarize all to get an overall rating

The more original your idea the more interesting it will be for the reader. You'll
really want to get the reader's attention quick so that they don't lose interest.
Possibly try starting your review with your best idea first.

Many different genres are available for you to choose from including Pop, Rock,
Country, Dance, Jazz, and more! If you can't decide on which song to prepare your
column on, then prepare one on several songs. There is no limit to the number of
songs you can critique!

We are looking for both experienced and inexperienced writers either outside or inside
the music industry to submit an article. Basically, everyone is welcome to submit.

The best part is your review may even get posted on this site! All of your hard
work may just help a visitor decide which CD to purchase--now that is
valuable information.

If after choosing a song you would like to interview the artist and add this
information to your critique, please e-mail us with "interview request"
as the subject and list the artist you would like to interview. We will contact
the artist and try to coordinate an interview with both the reviewer and artist.

Whether you're thinking of becoming a writer for magazines, books, newspapers
or any other type of publication, this could prove to be valuable experience
and, of course, a lot of fun!!

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