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Online music never saw so many diverse, talented musicians in one place! Styles include, Rock, Pop, Classical, Christian, Dance, Techno, Jazz, New Age, Electronic, Alternative, Urban/R&B, Blues, Hip Hop, Emo, Traditional Country and Country Rock...could you ask for anything more?

All of the CDs listed are reasonably priced so you can even buy more than one! Prices range from around $4.00 to $15.00 (USD). If you would like more information on any of these artists, please visit our free music pages along with the artists own websites. These Independent musicians have placed a lot of time, effort and money into creating these recordings. Purchasing a CD will not only give the artists encouragement, but will also help them to fund recording projects in the future. The best part is the CDs can be purchased online easily through several different sources and most are full length releases. Please take a minute to browse through the many different types of music available!

"It is a truly wonderful feeling when someone purchases your CD! It energizes you to create more and work even harder. It is a feeling of great accomplishment and joy. This is the greatest reward of all. It makes all of the hard work, time and effort you've placed into the songs so worthwhile!"
        --Laurina, Skygazer Record's Artist

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CC-N-Dove N/A
Greg Allen N/A
Gary M. Vachon
Gary G
Nolan Bruce Allen (NBA)  
Michio Shirasawa
TJ Martin

Break Away from the Standard...
Independent music is a break from the same music you hear over and over again each day. It does not have to conform to any particular or traditional sound. Each artist and musical style is incredibly unique. They follow the production of their songs very closely from beginning to end, giving each song the type of personal attention it deserves. The ability to share songs and samples online has helped these artists receive valuable feedback, promote their work, and sell their final product. Recording a collection of songs is a major accomplishment and deserves a major reward. Please help us reward these artists by purchasing their CDs and listening to their songs (feedback is always welcome). If you're ready to listen to new, fresh, creative music then you are at the right place!

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