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new music from Laurina Laurina - The Phantom's Journey.
Mystical and haunting electronic classical piece. Classical blends with electronic sounds to form a chilling masterpiece. The overall mood of this ballad is very somber. Be sure to listen close for all of the small, varied noises scattered throughout--best listened to on hi-fi play. The artist places this song in the Electronic Classical category. To download any of Laurina's songs featured on their Melodic Torment CD visit napster.com and search for Laurina--If you're not already a member you can sign up for a small fee or individual downloads are available here
Jazz mp3's from Sue Hart Sue Hart - You Already Know.
A smooth funky feel with intricate guitar work, keyboards and pure vocal sounds. The artist places this piece in the Smooth Jazz category.
new music from Boneyard6 Boneyard6 - I Wish the Sun.
A slower paced Southern Rock release with well written lyrics. The artist places this song in the Rock category.
Greg Allen release Greg Allen - Love the Children.
Features strong guitars and powerful, melodic vocals.
Johnny Rocket release Johnny Rocket - Secret.
Mid-tempo pace. Features guitars, drums and interesting, even, grunge-like vocals. The artist places this song in the Alternative: Indie category.
Groove tunes from Mike Filipek Mike Filipek - Judy's Sister.
A pop song inspired by the fictional character Henry Chinaski from Charles Bukowski. To download more songs from this artist visit napster.com.
All tunes are in mp3 format and many are available for free download so be sure to check them out!!
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