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Many Skygazer Record's artists currently have full length CD's available for purchase and/or offer free mp3 downloads. Please read through the table below to learn more about how you can buy their CD's. Artists who are not currently selling CD's have "N/A" listed near their band's name. Artists who have a smiley face in the "Free mp3" column currently have at least one free, full-length music download on their website!

More information such as pricing, number of tracks per release, genres, etc. can be obtained by visiting the links listed in the table below. Where these Independent musicians are selling their recordings varies widely which is why we've organized the links into the table below. Some are selling on major websites such as Amazon.com, some on Independent music sites and others on the artist's own website.

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Sue Hart
Mike Filipek
Amy Squire   
Mark Krischak
Les N. Less

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Review for Laurina's CD release "Melodic Torment" - courtesy of the All Music Guide
Formed in 1995 and hailing from Italy, the duo Laurina (sisters Laurina and Serapha, two years apart) create a stark and haunting yet diverse sound, combining pop, opera, techno, classical, ambient, and instrumental passages into their own distinctive and original sound. The duo cover a lot of ground on their own without the help of outside sources --Serapha composes and plays most of their songs, while Laurina handles the vocals. Laurina have issued a pair of albums thus far, 2000's Angels and 2001's Melodic Torment, and host their very own website (with poetry, music, videos, and other information) at www.laurinamusic.com. --Greg Prato

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