Download Free Music Players and Samples

Download Laurina's CD Melodic Torment from ITunes

Download Laurina's CD The Compilation CD from ITunes

Stream audio and video from your own website!

Here are some helpful links to websites offering free downloads for music and video players:

Download Musicmatch Jukebox Basic Version Free
Play, Rip, Burn MP3s and CDs

Download WINAMP Free
MP3 Audio Support, SHOUTcast Radio Support, Skins and Plug-ins Support & more

Download RealOne Player Free
Listen to and record CD's, search for tracks by keyword, playlists, radio tuners and more

Download Sonique Media Player
Capable of handling Microsoft Windows Media files, MP3 files, audio CDs, and more

Tons of Free Audio Resource sites are listed on these websites! (electronic samples)

more sites listed here also (many different styles) (thousands of loops--many different styles)

**Different sites have different Terms of Use. Remember to read through any disclaimers and Terms of Use on the sites before using the samples**

Sound Sources-Which Work Best For You?
There are many different types of players available to download. Deciding which one works best with your system is important. Once you've decided which software works best for you then the fun part starts!

You can play, burn, record and even organize songs. Some will allow you to print CD labels and Jewel Cases while others will allow you to create and organize playlists. The way it looks is, of course, also important. Many sites offer a variety of skins which allow you to change the look from time to time. The colors and themes of these skins vary widely and may be offered at no charge as well!

There are also many different sites offering other audio resources to the general public at no cost. Many of these sites include song loops and samples. For today's computer musician these sites are invaluable. They offer an additional resource for artists. The number of resources on the web seems almost infinite, so you can only imagine the number of websites that offer these terrific loops.

For the independent musician looking for something totally different to something very specific these internet sites have a lot to offer! There are a wide variety of styles to choose from. Some are offered at no charge while others are offered as shareware, etc. They can potentially make excellent recording material for the independent artist looking to create something no one has ever heard before. These loops and samples are a very important and helpful tool to the independent artist and are quickly helping to shape the way recordings are now made.

If you know of a site that you think would be valuable to our visitors, please e-mail us the link along with a brief description of what the site contains. We may include it on this page or share it with our members!

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