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It was dawn and the sun was rising to a breathtaking, majestic, and radiant lavender sky. As I stood precisely centered in a garden, I could feel the warmth of the brilliant morning light encompassing me. Some distance behind me, with the beautiful morning sky as its backdrop, stood the shape of an iron cross. All shades of perfectly trimmed purple flowers surrounded me, and my neatly groomed white cat was curled at my feet. There was a soft, warm, and wonderful breeze gently blowing. It was an ominous and heavenly wind that carried messages as it came across me. Words crystallized as they passed me and then faded away, back into the breeze they came from. For an instant after I awoke, I could still feel this remarkable breeze as I opened my eyes and the dream setting slowly faded.

Mountain Laurel is based on one of Laurina's most haunting, beautiful, and vivid dreams. Shortly after having the dream, Serapha began telling her of this place and how beautiful it was. She just had to show her. That place, filled with lovely purple and white mountain laurel blooms, was the place Laurina had visited in her dream!

Laurina's fifth release contains several new songs and early recordings never released before.

Enter Mountain Laurel

Enter Mountain Laurel

Release Date: Spring 2016

View the mysterious figure caught on camera by Serapha

On a brisk and windy fall day I would lose my cat. I would find him in the most unexpected way.

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